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A meaningful fraternal unity and organizational maturity among concerned members of the ALPHA KAPPA RHO from different chapters and councils is a compelling necessity. A courageous exploration and an open invitation are imperative to the formation of a real, strong and united brotherhood organization.

We shall be going into visitations and negotiations to find out and explore what is good for our combined groups and councils. We shall strike an acceptable formula on how to work together for a valid cause.

Skeptron principles should be our anchor and not personalities. Our common welfare should be the basis of our unification towards the launching of a strong and united AKP. The criterion that is important now is how best we can serve our fraternal interest and our members and not for our own personal interests.

Some issues that we are facing today are the widespread silence of our alumni, lack of funds and the necessity of it to finance our projects, the burgeoning disenchantment of students to the fraternities, the general image of fraternities as a troublesome organization and other problems confronting us today.

Until we can address and solve these fundamental issues we will not be a real, strong and united organization.

Fighting these problems effectively will require the launching of an authentic, moral and courageous transformation and a more focus reformation of our present systems, policies, rules, characters and lifestyles.

One of the foremost prescriptions and solutions is to install a mechanism that will promote the twin values of accountability and transparency.
Accountability means that a position in the organization is a position of member's trust and officers of the organization should account for their actions to the general memberships.

Transparency on the other hand, implies recognition and respect for every member's rights to know about the affairs of the organization and the actions and behavior of their officers. It implies the existence of a requirement of disclosing such activities to the members.

And the members should not be passive and just lazily wait for its disclosures from the officers of the organization. We must be extra vigilant to seek such information --- that will institute measures that will enhance "oversight" over the organization and its officers. The members must be provided with information that will identify exactly the particular officers who are to be accountable and with clear standards on how to judge their performance.

In all these efforts to enhance transparency and accountability, the ALUMNI definitely play an important role. Alumni must report to the general memberships the norms and accountability of their officers with utmost accuracy and responsibility.

It must never allow itself to be used by unscrupulous officers and individuals whose very activities they should be exposing.

Finally, the promotion of good governance is a matter of systems reform. In this regard, it is necessary to simplify and make more transparent and consistent the policy and regulatory environment of the organization. This will reduce personal discretion and interpretation, thereby also reducing opportunities for fund embezzlement and corruption.

Improving governance and fighting fund embezzlement and corruption is a long term endeavor that should involve all members of the organization. Those reforms should touch and mould the member's minds, particularly the young. Thus, our schools chapters and the alumni should inoculate in the hearts and minds of student members and the general memberships that holding a position in the organization is indeed a privilege and member's trusts. His true allegiance is to his members, his community, his country, and must be God fearing and must be morally fit.

Respectfully submitted,

Former Grand Skeptron
National University Chapter
Sampaloc, Manila
NASAP Founding Member

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